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Pregnancy in the Netherlands: All You Need To Know

First and foremost, let’s alleviate a common concern: the Netherlands boasts one of the highest standards of maternal care in the world. The Dutch approach, rooted in both traditional and modern healthcare advancements, aims to provide a holistic and patient-centered experience for expectant mothers. Whether you’re familiar with the system or it’s your first time … Read more

Divorce in The Netherlands: Everything You Must Know 2024

Divorce is a deeply personal and often challenging journey that anyone might face, regardless of their nationality or background. For expats and international couples living in the Netherlands, navigating this process in a foreign legal system can add another layer of complexity. Whether you’re considering this step, seeking clarity on your rights, or just curious … Read more

Getting Married in the Netherlands: the Essentials (2024)

Imagine standing with your beloved, surrounded by vast fields of flowers, or alongside serene canals with centuries-old homes, declaring your eternal love. With its enchanting landscapes and rich traditions, getting married in The Netherlands offers a timeless backdrop for couples seeking a wedding that weaves together intimacy, charm, and an authentic Dutch experience. Beyond the … Read more

Daycare in the Netherlands: An Expat’s Complete Guide

Moving to a new country is an adventure filled with countless challenges and unique experiences. For expat families in the Netherlands, navigating the ins and outs of the Dutch daycare system can feel like decoding an intricate puzzle, especially if you’re still familiarizing yourself with the language. We understand the importance of finding the right … Read more

Child Benefit in The Netherlands: All You Must Know 2024

Parenting in a foreign country comes with its own set of unique challenges and joys. It’s like navigating a maze while juggling responsibilities: everything’s new and different, from language to local customs. If you’re an expat in the Netherlands with a family, or you’re considering bringing your family here, one of the aspects you’ve likely … Read more

Expats’ Guide to Changing Address in the Netherlands (2024)

Moving homes can be a challenging endeavor, especially in a foreign country. When you relocate within the Netherlands, updating your address isn’t merely about ensuring your post reaches you; it’s a fundamental requirement for maintaining your legal standing and access to essential services. This guide provides a clear breakdown of how to change your address … Read more

Family Reunification in The Netherlands: Where to Start (2024)

The Netherlands, a country renowned for its progressive values and commitment to individual rights, deeply understands this sentiment. Recognizing the immeasurable value of family unity and its emotional anchoring, the Dutch government has instituted policies to help expats and international couples reunite with their families. Whether you’re a professional seeking to bring your family to … Read more

Guide to Maternity Leave in the Netherlands [year]

As a soon-to-be parent in a foreign land, it’s not just about baby names or decorating the nursery; it’s also about understanding your rights, especially when it comes to maternity leave. For many, the concept of maternity leave can be a lifeline, providing much-needed time to bond with your newborn and adjust to the new … Read more

Parental Leave in the Netherlands: English Guide [year]

The Netherlands, with its tulip-filled meadows and canal-lined cities, is not just picturesque but also deeply supportive of family life. While the laws and policies of parental leave in the Netherlands may initially seem overwhelming, especially when you’re adjusting to so many new things, we’re here to help. We recognize the struggles you face, the … Read more

International Schools in The Netherlands (2024 Guide)

The Netherlands has long been an attractive destination for expats and international job seekers. While the journey to a new land promises a spectrum of experiences, it also brings unique challenges, especially for those moving with their families. One major concern is providing quality education to children in a nurturing and globally attuned environment. Fortunately, … Read more