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Meet our team

Thijs de Vries

Thijs de Vries

Lead Financial Guide

Thijs de Vries is our Lead Financial Guide at NetherlandsExpat.nl. A native of the Netherlands with a decade of finance experience, Thijs deeply understands the Dutch financial landscape. He holds an MSc in Finance from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and has served in prominent roles at some of the country’s top financial institutions.

Thijs’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of financial topics, including taxation, business finance, banking, and investment strategies. He is passionate about empowering expats with the knowledge they need to navigate the Dutch financial system effectively. From understanding the types of loans available in the Netherlands to making sense of the local tax system, Thijs provides invaluable advice to help ex-pats make sound financial decisions.

With his strong analytical skills and knack for simplifying complex financial concepts, Thijs brings clarity and confidence to our readers, helping them thrive financially in their new homes. Whether you’re looking to start a business in the Netherlands or trying to understand your pension rights, Thijs is here to guide you every step of the way.

Sofia van Dijk

Relocation Expert

Sofia van Dijk is our resident Relocation Expert at NetherlandsExpat.nl. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Sofia possesses extensive knowledge of Dutch culture, local customs, and the practicalities of living in this unique country. She studied International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and spent several years working for an international relocation company before joining our team.

With her comprehensive understanding of the relocation process and her insider knowledge of the Netherlands, Sofia provides invaluable guidance to expats moving to the country. She covers a wide range of topics, from housing and utilities to lifestyle and local customs. Her insights extend to every corner of the Netherlands, whether you’re looking to settle in vibrant Amsterdam, the international hub of The Hague, or the historic city of Utrecht.

Empathetic and detail-oriented, Sofia understands the challenges of relocating to a new country and is dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible for our readers. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect neighborhood to live in, navigating the Dutch healthcare system, or understanding school enrollment procedures for your children, Sofia is here to support you.

Sofia van Dijk
Pieter van der Meer

Pieter van der Meer

Lifestyle Coordinator

Pieter van der Meer, our Lifestyle Coordinator at NetherlandsExpat.nl, embodies the vibrant and diverse Dutch lifestyle. Born and raised in Utrecht, Pieter has a deep-rooted love for his homeland, which reflects in his in-depth knowledge of the Netherlands’ culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

Pieter studied Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. Before joining our team, he spent several years exploring the Netherlands’ nooks and corners as a travel writer. This experience provided him with a unique perspective on the Dutch way of life, from its bustling cities and peaceful countryside to its gastronomy and art scenes.

In his role as a Lifestyle Coordinator, Pieter covers a wide range of topics that give our readers a glimpse into Dutch life. He provides insights into everything from finding the best cycling routes to navigating local markets and understanding the country’s rich history.

Always with an ear to the ground, Pieter is your go-to guide for the latest events, trends, and hotspots. Whether you’re interested in the Dutch food scene, looking for the best shopping spots, or keen to understand Dutch etiquette, Pieter’s expert guidance will help you immerse yourself in your new surroundings and enjoy the Dutch lifestyle to the fullest.